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[image of aerial taken from outside on the street]

(updated: friday 26 jan 2024)

aerial is a “social work of art”, a space for commoning, a studio and gallery space for socially engaged art practices. aerial is a non-profit organisation, established in late 2019 and is situated in nordnes, bergen. aerial is organised and programmed by artist, writer, educator and gardener soso brafield (who is also a co-founder), curator and writer ruby eleftheriotis, and artist, writer, performer, philosopher and mother carol stampone.

aerial is a pink container that welcomes the public through a street facing door. we welcome you into a pink garden of active listening, caring, hosting, being, talking, interrupting and eating. aerial resists overproduction and static outputs, and places emphasis on the elements that traditionally surround “the exhibition” - more commonly outsourced to a mediation programme or hosting - placing these ephemeral forms of care and hospitality right in the middle and on the “pedestal”.

since 2019, aerial has been establishing itself as a leading organisation for supporting socially-engaged practices and creating opportunities for creative practitioners whose practices defy static exhibition-making. we have hosted many conversations, gatherings, workshops, reading groups and other community-orientated events that create spaces for difficult conversations around identity, diversity and belonging. our curatorial structure and programme focuses around notions of collaboration, hope and empathy.

aerial is committed to supporting feminist practices and aims to nourish the intersection between art and community. 

previous members of aerial are
kaeto sweeney 2021-2023
laurie lax
audrey hurd 2021-2022
gentian meikleham 2019-2021
william kudahl 2019-2020

aerial has previously been supported by bergen kommune and kulturrådet.