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ongoing projects 

summer reading group: potential history — unlearning imperialism 

aerial afternoons

conversations on the work of female thinkers
from the global south

dribs and drabs



past projects 

last updated 15 june 2024

may 2024          table residency: julie stavad

2023              asterisk film klubb

nov 2023          maike statz: the eternal party 

oct 2023          table residency: maike statz

oct 2023          night of speeches and pink drinks

sept 2023         b—open 2023

aug 2023          queer game jam with chloé desmoineaux

aug 2023          pantry suppers: fergus tibbs

may 2023          You´re So Vain

2022              aerial norskkurs

november 2022     vergel in a cloud︎laagencia

october 2022      listening session + conversation︎the tear score

may 2022          milf(mother i’d like to eat)︎lana may fleming

march 2022        breaking bread and language︎makda embaie:

july 2021         listening breakfasts︎l:stening b:enn:al

june 2021         table residency︎the arctic agency

april 2021        table residency︎koppen&jorkjen

march 2021        resonating nordnes︎borealis

november 2020     speakerspeaker launch︎

october 2020      rummur radio

october 2020      aerial︎raffle!

october 2020      funding carousel

september 2020    b-open︎mono printing with words workshop

september 2020    night of speeches︎

do you want to collaborate with us? 
aerial is an art studio with the possibility of hosting social events and projects as part of our work. carol, kaeto, stacy and ruby make decisions as a collective at aerial. we meet every wednesday, which is when we get to discuss projects together – internal and external. if you are interested to collaborate with aerial, we kindly ask you to fill in a form to get the main details before we can discuss:

click here to be redirected to the form