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[image of a choir in an industrial space standing two metres apart. someone is leading in the middle]


SHY CHOIR? started back in covid times and was initiated by genni meikleham and stacy brafield. SHY CHOIR? is a collective that is based on openness and exploring all aspects of our voices. it started out as a non-hierarchical methodology of gathering and is now currently led by music therapist, writer and curator christian meldgaard. during our gatherings we focus on improvising over different themes, body-work, breathing and warm-up exercises, relaxing, listening / receptive methods, an approach which is not about a “result". we do not “learn songs”, SHY CHOIR? is about collaboration, inclusion, and being voices in a collective.

everyone and their voice, however the sound, is welcome! SHY CHOIR? is currently full, if you would like to be on our waiting list please write to aerial[dot]bergen[at]gmail[dot]com