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aerial afternoons
every thursday - 11.00-15.00
starting 23 may 

introducing aerial afternoons - a space to commune, read, gossip, work, eat cake and drink coffee.

aerial welcomes you into our pink ship every thursday, for our new regular opening hours.

as a space that works with social practices, we are often encountered through sporadic workshops, reading groups, events and more. by introducing aerial afternoons, we hope to lower the threshold for encountering aerial, where our pink ship can be as much yours as it is ours. with community, hosting and gathering guiding the heart of our programming, it is a dream to now have the resources and capacities to open our doors weekly, and to share our aerial even more regularly with you.

come by to meet friends and strangers, bring your laptop or notebook, your “matpakke”/packed lunch -– talk through your half-baked ideas or work on last minute deadlines.   

we offer:

cake, coffee, tea & water (we will work our hardest to keep the prices as low as possible, while still considering quality of produce and tastiness)

wifi access

a small library of books

a shared table

sockets to charge your laptop/phone


a bench outside when its sunny

please note that currently aerial is not wheelchair accessible.