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conversations on the work of female thinkers from the global south

over the last year carol stampone has been working on the project that focuses on the work of female thinkers from the global south. the project is a series of ten introductory lectures that are followed by a conversation. a space to make visible different voices that are of fundamental importance for us to think together as a society. to think about justice and equality and about how gender, race, sexuality, and class are related to these urgencies. these are necessary political discussions and aerial is proud to host this series.

our motivation to embrace this project is to invite participants to expand their imaginations regarding what we consider knowledge to be. inviting to reflect on from which places they are produced. following djamila ribeiro we do believe that we all live in a specific site of speech, and what we are able to listen to, understand and care about largely depends on our social locus. from that, it does not follow that we can not aim at building bridges to understand one another and truly share the world.

this project is a gesture, an attempt of building one of these bridges. we will sit around a large table, share some tea and cake and hopefully have a constructive conversation. all are welcome.
this event is free and it is supported by bnkf (bergen network for women in philosophy) and bergen kommune.

upcoming conversations in 2024 (all 18:00-21:00):
tuesday 2 july
thursday 11 july
thursday 22 august
thursday 19 september
thursday 17 october
thursday 14 november
thursday 12 december