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[image of dribs and drabs hand written on paper]

dribs and drabs

on wednesday 21 june, at the exact moment of summer solstice in bergen, we opened our doors to launch the first ever dribs and drabs newsletter!  and @vilde2v has handwritten “to work is to do what is needed”

we invited vilde tuv to write the first commission for the tender test-site side of the newsletter as we know she has a real way with words. thank you so much vilde for sharing these thought-provoking and considered sentences.

we opened the doors at 16:57 and served rhubarb fizz cocktails until 19:57. if you weren’t able to make it but wanna get your hands on the dribs and drab’s newsletter, just send us an email and we will save you one, or if you see one of us in aerial just come in & grab one!

thanks to bergen kommune for the support and pamflett for the riso printing wizardness.